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Let's Create a Plan for Bankruptcy in Virginia

What is it and How Does Bankruptcy Work?

After you file for bankruptcy, the court issues an automatic stay. This order stops all collection and repossession action IMMEDIATELY!

Virginia bankruptcy eliminates or reduces most of your unsecured debts, like credit card bills, medical bills, and payday loans. Secured debts, such as your mortgage or vehicle loan, may have reduced payments. This lets you keep your property and avoid foreclosure or repossession.

Chesterfield bankruptcy can help plan for Bankruptcy in Virginia

We understand that times are hard, especially with long-term unemployment and the decrease in hours and wages. Your pay has shrunk, but your bills have not. You’re struggling with monthly payments and looking for a way out. Jeanne Hovenden, our Chesterfield bankruptcy lawyer, is armed with deep legal knowledge and nearly three decades of experience. She can help you understand bankruptcy process and offer options to help you [plan for bankruptcy complete it successfully.

Do I Need A Chesterfield Bankruptcy Lawyer?

A Chesterfield bankruptcy lawyer can help if you are threatened with repossession, eviction, or foreclosure. We know there is more than one option when it comes to Chesterfield bankruptcy solutions and we have been helping clients get out of debt for nearly 30 years. Our areas of expertise include the following.

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How Can Bankruptcy in Virginia Help?

Chances are you have a lot of questions about how to plan for Bankruptcy in Virginia. They may include:

  • Am I eligible for bankruptcy?
  • What property can I keep?
  • How long will it take to complete my bankruptcy case?
  • Will filing for bankruptcy affect my employment?

Our experienced Chesterfield Bankruptcy attorney can answer these questions and help put you at ease about your decision, whether you decide to file or not. The answers to some of the most important questions about how bankruptcy in Virginia can help are below!

Prevent Repossession

If you have missed loan payments to a dealership, credit union or bank, the lender may take possession of the vehicle. Filing bankruptcy in Chesterfield may stop repossession and allow for renegotiation of the debt.

Avoid Foreclosure or Eviction

Filing for Virginia bankruptcy can give you time to get a plan together that allows you to keep you home. Chapter 7 and 13 can both stop foreclosure proceedings.

Stop Wage Garnishment

If you have missed payments, creditors may get a court order that requires your employer to withhold a portion of your paycheck until the debt is paid. The automatic stay in bankruptcy stops that from happening.


The attorneys at Chesterfield Bankruptcy Law can help you file bankruptcy and wipe out debt while protecting your assets.

Bankruptcy is a last resort. There may be alternatives that can help you deal with the financial burden. Call us at 804-706-1355 for more information and to find out if bankruptcy is the best option for you.

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